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Maximum Results with Minimum Maintenance

If you are a blogger, content marketer, or e-commerce solopreneur,

website traffic is the lifeblood of your business.

  • It All Boils Down To one thing. Visitors = Revenue.

  • While the math may vary slightly, For every 1000 people visiting your website, 10% will leave their email address. By making offers in your email campaigns, 1-2% of those people will buy.

  • 1000 visitors…turn into 100 leads…that turn into 1-2 sales.

  • If you want to make 100 sales, increase your website traffic to 10,000. Simple math!

  • You can PAY for ads, or you can optimize your SEO so that when people search for solutions to their problems (that you are selling!) YOUR offer shows up FIRST!

  • And FIRST is critical because, as the joke goes…Where’s the best place to hide a dead body? The second page of Google.

  • There is SO MUCH web content out there, that you need ninja SEO skills to cut through the internet noise and reach your customers. This course pays for itself. Investing in the knowledge of how to make your content stand out to search engines (and clients!), will continue to generate revenue for years to come!


Rank well, increase clicks and drive sustainable traffic from search engines.

  • Feeling like you've got the perfect solution but not reaching your target market?

  • Are you struggling with ranking on search engines, have gotten so called experts in and it's just not working?

  • Ready to finally understand beyond the SEO basics without not breaking the bank?

Don't worry, Solopreneur SEO can help!

consistent predictable organic growth

What Ninja SEO Looks Like

what the seo GURU's don't want you to know

The problem with SEO Optimisation

Following the best SEO practices increases the traffic to your website. But there are two big problems.

  1. The intricacies of SEO can be overwhelmingly complicated. So trying to learn a jargon-filled, complex skillset while trying to produce content is a recipe for overwhelm. And many creators hit this wall, burn out and give up.

  1. Most SEO guides are mind-numbingly BORING! Many of my clients have come to me because they simply couldn’t focus on page after page and video after video down the SEO rabbit hole. They’ve spent hours and retained nothing.

This is the reason Growth Generators created this course.

more than just the SEO basics

To be a successful content creator, you need to progress beyond SEO basics.

  • Teaching the SEO material that produces the most traffic

  • Omitting the micro-level ultra-geeky stuff that doesn’t really move the detail

  • Presenting it all in easily understood, digestible modules

everything you need to know to dominate your market

Ninja SEO for Content Creators includes:

7 Modules focused on SEO optimization

Unlock the secrets of SEO with our comprehensive and dedicated 7 section course. From keyword research to content creation and authority building, each module provides valuable insights and practical strategies to help you dominate your market.

25 High-quality videos

Experience engaging and informative learning through our collection of 25 high-quality videos. Delivered by seasoned SEO practitioners, these videos provide valuable insights, practical demonstrations, and real-world examples to enhance your SEO skills.

Downloadable checklists

Access our downloadable checklists to streamline your SEO journey. These comprehensive checklists act as your personal guide, ensuring that you follow best practices, implement key techniques, and achieve optimal results in your SEO endeavors.

more than just the basics

What will you learn?

Keyword Research

SEO starts with finding the right terms to target. I cover how to do this quickly & easily, so you know how much traffic you're targeting.

  • Meet the free and paid tools that make this process faster, easier, and more effective.

  • Learn how to spy on the competition and close any gaps.

  • Find strategic ways to leverage quora.

Content Creation

The core of this strategy is using content to capture traffic for the terms you're targeting. I show you how to easily create SEO-optimized pieces.

  • Discover idea-generation strategies so you always know what kind of content to create

  • Understand the tools and strategies for creating content fast

  • Identify the key content types

Authority Building

Along with content, you need a high-authority site that Google trusts. I cover common pitfalls as well as reliable strategies for building authority. This module covers…

  • The 3 kinds of backlinks

  • Proven strategies for active outreach

  • Dangerous backlink strategies

  • to avoid that could crush your website’s ranking


Just SETTING UP Google Search Console and Google Analytics (GA4) can be a frustrating experience trying to click buttons, copy code, and manage accounts. This module breaks it down into easily followable steps. You’ll learn:

  • How to set up Google Search Console

  • How to set up GA4

  • The key metrics that matter and how to find them

Making Money

Traffic doesn't pay the bills. You'll learn how to turn your traffic into sales, whether that's creating new products or sending visitors to existing ones. Discover…

  • 5 ways to leverage your SEO-optimized website for profit

  • Easy-to-follow strategies for monetizing

  • The keys to building a membership site

Consistent and predictable organic growth

  • See how variables like website traffic, opt-ins, and purchases play out as your site grows.

Plus, get these bonuses!

Limited spots - first 100 students only

SEO Revenue Calaculator

  • See how variables like website traffic, opt-ins, and purchases play out as your site grows.

How to hire writers

  • Learn not only how to use SEO but also become a CEO and hire others to create content for you!

Real-world strategies for leveraging AI

  • AI is here to stay. Learn the secret for creating AI content that both your audience AND Google love!

Don't just take our

word for it

The Breakdown

Solopreneur SEO Curriculm

Learn the right actions to take to dominate Google

Part 1: SEO Basics

The mindsets and mental models you need to succeed at SEO. Learn how to think like Google, what actually matters, mistakes to avoid, and why patience is so powerful.

Part 2: Keyword Research

How to do an hour or two of research that prepares you for a year of execution. Learn tricks to accelerate keyword research like auto-generating keywords and checking out your competition. And figure out what terms are worth targeting now or later

Part 3: Creating Content for SEO

Learn how to create SEO-optimized content from your list of keywords. We cover creating articles for keywords vs. optimizing existing content, claiming your own terms, going after progressively harder keywords, and speeding it up with good tools.

Part 4: Building SEO Authority

Content alone is not enough, Google also needs to trust you. In this unit you'll learn sustainable ways to increase your site's authority, without sending tons of "PLEASE LINK TO ME" emails. We'll cover traffic generators vs. link bait, mistakes to avoid, using podcasts & communities, dead link recovery, and doubling your presence with YouTube.

Part 5: Technical SEO

Make sure your site is technically healthy and readable by Google. You'll learn the few bits of HTML you need to be familiar with, and how to set your site up for success. You'll also learn some good user experience principles to follow to make sure people stick around on your site.

Part 6: Tracking & Analytics

Learn what to track, how to track to it, and how often to look at it. And more importantly... how little to look at it! Learn how to use analytics to inform decision making without it turning into a huge time-suck.

Part 7: Monetization

Traffic doesn't put food on the table, sales do. Learn about the different ways to monetize your search traffic, focusing on ads, affiliates, and products.

Part 8: Bonus Content

There is tons of bonus content already in the works for the course. If you're working on something specific I will be making additional content to help you here. Please reach out and let me know how I can best serve you.

New sections of the course are added almost weekly

what our students say


"This course is a game-changer! I've seen a significant boost in my website traffic since implementing the SEO strategies. Highly recommended!"

-Sarah Thompson

"Solopreneur SEO helped me understand the intricacies of search engine optimization without overwhelming me. The modules are easily digestible, and I now feel confident in implementing effective SEO techniques."

- John Anderson

"If you're serious about dominating your market, Solopreneur SEO is a must-have course. The content is well-structured, and the videos are informative. My SEO skills have leveled up, and so have my results!"

- Jessica Ramirez


Meet Harrison Barron

Get ready to take your small business to new heights with the help of Harrison Baron, an SEO expert and passionate advocate for small business success. With years of experience in search engine optimization, I am here to guide you on your journey to dominating SEO and achieving remarkable results.

  • SEO Ninja with a Track Record of Success

  • Passionate about Empowering Entrepreneurs

  • Clear and Effective Communicator

  • Patient and Understanding Instructor

  • Small Business SEO Made Simple and Effective


4.9/5 star reviews

Solopreneur SEO

Unlock the full potential of your online business with Solopreneur SEO. This comprehensive course will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to dominate search engine optimization and drive remarkable results for your website.

Here's what you get:

  • In-depth modules covering all aspects of SEO

  • Valuable bonuses to enhance your learning experience

  • Practical insights for immediate implementation

  • Exclusive access to a supportive community of fellow solopreneurs

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$297 one time


"What a Difference!"

"Solopreneur SEO has transformed the way I approach SEO. The strategies and insights shared in the course have had a profound impact on my website's visibility and organic traffic."

- Ethan Anderson


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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Solopreneur SEO different from other SEO courses?

Solopreneur SEO stands out because it offers in-depth modules that cover all aspects of SEO optimization, providing practical insights and strategies for immediate implementation. The course goes beyond the basics and focuses on teaching the material that produces the most traffic, omitting unnecessary complexity. Additionally, the course is presented in easily understood and digestible modules, making it accessible for learners of all levels.

How will Solopreneur SEO help me boost my website traffic?

Solopreneur SEO will equip you with the necessary skills to rank well, increase clicks, and drive sustainable organic traffic from search engines. By learning the proven strategies and techniques taught in the course, you'll be able to optimize your website's content, build authority, and implement effective keyword research strategies. This will ultimately result in improved visibility and increased traffic to your website.

Is Solopreneur SEO suitable for beginners or advanced users?

Solopreneur SEO caters to both beginners and advanced users. The course starts with SEO basics, providing the foundational knowledge needed to succeed. As the course progresses, it delves into more advanced topics, ensuring that learners progress beyond the basics and gain the expertise required to dominate SEO. The material is presented in a way that is understandable and actionable for learners at all levels of experience.

Can I implement the strategies taught in Solopreneur SEO on any website platform?

Yes, the strategies taught in Solopreneur SEO can be implemented on any website platform. Whether you have a blog, e-commerce site, or any other type of online business, the course covers universal SEO principles and techniques that can be applied across platforms. The focus is on optimizing your website's content, building authority, and implementing effective SEO practices, regardless of the platform you use. If you are curious about the specific needs of a certain platform inside the course you can ask questions and I (Harrison) will be happy to make a specific video for that platform

Will Solopreneur SEO teach me how to monetize my website traffic?

Absolutely! Solopreneur SEO not only focuses on driving organic traffic but also teaches you how to monetize that traffic effectively. The course covers various ways to leverage your SEO-optimized website for profit, including strategies for ads, affiliates, products, and even building a membership site. You'll gain insights into turning your traffic into tangible revenue-generating opportunities.

How long does it take to see results from implementing the SEO techniques taught in Solopreneur SEO?

The timeframe to see results from implementing the SEO techniques taught in Solopreneur SEO varies based on factors such as niche competitiveness and your level of effort. While some students have experienced results within a few days in less competitive niches, it's important to note that SEO is a long-term strategy. By consistently applying the strategies from the course, you can anticipate gradual improvements in your website's visibility and organic traffic over time. Patience and consistent implementation are key to achieving the best results.

What if I don't love the course?

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If for any reason you don't absolutely love the Solopreneur SEO course, we offer a hassle-free 30-day money-back guarantee. We are confident that the course will provide immense value and help you achieve your SEO goals. However, if you find that it doesn't meet your expectations or doesn't resonate with you, simply let us know within 30 days of enrollment, and we will refund your investment with no questions asked. We stand behind the quality and effectiveness of our course, and we want you to feel completely confident and satisfied with your decision to join. Your success and satisfaction are what matter most to us.

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